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KidZanity: Building Self Confidence, Strength, & Character in Kids

KidZanity is an after school exercise program for kids

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After school fitness in New Jersey

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KidZanity proudly serves various locations throughout New Jersey. We’d love to see you at our next session!

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As a Group Exercise Fitness Instructor I always saw a need to make fitness fun and engaging not only for adults but for kids as well…

Multiple programs, multiple revenue streams. KidZanity currently offers 9 programs for Kids/Teens Ages 4-16…





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Welcome to KidZanity

Building Self-Confidence, Strength, & Character in Kids

Our goal is to ensure your children learn the value and importance of fitness while engaging their mind and body in fun activities that promote a healthy active lifestyle. Good habits start young! In addition a CORE component of the KidZanity Program is focusing on self-confidence building activities which may include goal setting, leadership skill building, identifying key personality traits, positive words and more!

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