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About KidZanity™

Building Good Habits Early


As a Group Exercise Fitness Instructor I always saw a need to make fitness fun and engaging not only for adults but for kids as well.  Having a ten year old daughter of my own I wanted her to have all the tools necessary to believe in herself and feel confident in her own skin.  We are all stronger than we think and if we believe in ourselves we can accomplish anything.  This is the mission of KidZanity ™ to empower kids with self-confidence, strength, and character.  In addition to a Group Exercise certification from the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, I also have the following certifications:

ABOUT KidZanity™

KidZanity™ is an engaging Kids Fitness Program that combines both education and activity to build self-confidence, strength, and character in kids.  

Building Self-Confidence

The CORE focus of  KidZanity™ is instilling a positive attitude and increasing self-esteem in every child.  Having a positive attitude is essential to reaching your goals, interacting with others, and more importantly conveys how you feel about yourself.  It’s about feeling confident about our own unique talents and abilities on our own.  KidZanity™ promotes positive self-esteem through engaging activities, which may include self-confidence building activities, goal setting, key personality traits unique to you, leadership skills, and empowering kids to believe in themselves.

Building Strength

Here at KidZanity™ we strive to help kids develop an active, healthy lifestyle.  We can instill in kids at an earlier age the importance of physical activity and proper exercise technique through engaging activities.  Engagement is key here.  KidZanity™ provides proprietary tools and solutions as well as through partners to keep our kids engaged in and out of the studio.  Just like adults our engagement factor is unique to us just like our DNA. At KidZanity™ we introduce a variety of fitness programs in addition to core functional full body workouts which include yoga, TRX, circuits, gliding discs, digital cordless jump ropes, resistance bands and more based on the age level.  The key to successful youth strength training is gradual progressions, which facilitate safe workouts that are both challenging and reinforcing.

You can’t build strength without proper nutrition so we provide segments in each program about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.  This is done through fun engaging activities.  Living a healthy lifestyle incorporates having a positive attitude, staying active, as well as having a sound nutritional plan.

Building Character

KidZanity™ focuses on your unique personality traits that make you unique.  We need to appreciate our kids for who they are and not try to change them.  Each of us has our own unique set of personality traits and is an integral part of the curriculum here at KidZanity™.  Just because someone is funnier or better at something than you are doesn’t mean they are better than you.  We all have strengths and weaknesses that can make a difference in the world.

KidZanity™ encourages our Kids to get involved in their community, how to become a positive role model and identify what makes them feel good about themselves.  Peer pressure is common in these age groups and can start at a very young age.  We will talk about being treated with respect by others, and to treat others as you would want to be treated.  

KidZanity™ Programs

The KidZanity™ Program is a trademarked program under the company FitZinga – Get Your Zing On!  FitZinga is a premier health coaching and consulting company providing engaging tools and solutions to individuals, fitness centers, and corporations to keep people on track to reach their fitness goals.

The programs here place a very large emphasis on safety, not only in technique but also in our surroundings.  We only have certified instructors teaching our classes who are extremely knowledgeable and also know how to motivate and engage our kids!

Each child ages 4-12 receives a yoga mat, journal, activity folder, and T-shirt upon joining a specific program.  Teen’s ages 13-16 receive a yoga mat as well as fitness/nutrition journal to track food intake, workouts as well as set goals and establish rewards for reaching those goals.  Activity monitors are also available and available for an additional cost.

Programs are completed in 6 week or 8-week sessions 1X or more per week.  They are each 1- hour in length.  

A typical class starts out with a participant writing down/picking out positive character trait words or words that describe them.  These are then added to at each session so by the end of the 6 Weeks these kids know exactly what makes them unique!  10 Minute Warm-up, 30-45 Minute workout depending upon the age group utilizing various different pieces of exercise equipment and body weight for functional exercise including engaging games and finally 10-15 minute activity which may include self-confidence building, character building, nutrition, and goal setting.  Once again engaging tools and solutions are used to encourage participation, identify leadership skills and most of all to increase self-esteem.

All programs are developed and designed to meet ISSA criteria for conducting Youth Fitness classes.

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